20:47 Yasinovataya, city administration: Kiev punitive forces have shelled Yasinovataya outskirts by mortars

28.07.2015 20:47 Yasinovataya

Kiev junta’s punitive forces have the outskirts of Yasinovataya by mortars, a residential house was reportedly destroyed, says the head of the region administration Juriy Korsar:

We just got shelled, so far we know of a shell that hit Gogol st. 7, a roof of the house got destroyed.

Korsar also said that the owners of the house were not harmed.

He noted that

We have a whole night ahead, the emergency services have only visited this address so far.

Local authorities claim that the Kiev punitive forces have opened fire from their positions near Avdeevka.

The administration added that

Preliminary, based on the whizzing, the enemy used a mortar.

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