15:10 Avdeevka: Residents protest against Ukrainian punitive forces erection of checkpoint

28.07.2015 15:10

Around 50 local residents held a rally near the House of Culture in Avdeevka, Donetsk region, against erection of a new checkpoint, witnesses report in social media.

Kiev junta fighters are moving military vehicles to the building, according to the social media users. It is noted that the military vehicles is positioned nearby the residential houses.

One of the locals wrote in the “My Homeland – Avdeevka” group in Vkontakte social network:

Dear Avdeevka residents, we will not allow another checkpoint to be erected so that another district of our town be blown to pieces!

Locals are being called to rally near the House of Culture in order to protest, including in the evening after their work hours.


Source: Ukrainian mass media

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