09:31, DPR. Gorlovka town administration: residential sector suffered at least 10 direct hits, civilian dead

28.07.2015 09:31 Gorlovka

At least one person died as a result of a massive shelling of Gorlovka by the Kiev’s punitive forces, over 10 residential buildings are destroyed, the town administration information-analytical department informs.

Town administration:

A woman (born in 1928) died in the shelling of Srodnikov st. 99, Nikitovsky district.

Rescue teams are working on the site, according to the city administration. There is information of one other person who died in the shelling whose body is currently under the debris.

10 direct hits in residential buildings in Golmovsky village were also registered. Five streets in residential areas were hit: Mushketovskaya, Shkolnaya, Bolnichnaya, Arkhipova, Sovetskoj Armii.

The officials continue to receive new information.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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