11:30, Spartak: Kiev junta's punitive forces have shelled Spartak village, DPR, a house caught fire

08.07.2015 11:30 Spartak

Kiev junta’s punitive forces have shelled Spartak village in Yasinovataya region of Donetsk People’s Republic, local administration has told the Donetsk News Agency.

Local authorities representative:

Spartak village was shelled about half an hour ago, a private dwelling on Solnechanaya str. caught fire.

The information regarding civilian casualties is pending. According to the local authorities representative the residential area was shelled by tanks from the Ukrainian army positions in Opytnoye village.

The region administration stressed:

The morning prior to this was quiet. The owner of the house fortunately was in the yard when the shell hit the second floor. The woman is shocked.

The frontline village of Spartak, which near the Donetsk airport, gets shelled by the Ukrainian forces almost every day. The population of the village sank 50 times, about 100 residents died in the shellings, about 500 were wounded. Almost all infrastructure of the village was destroyed and is impossible to repair under everyday Ukrainian shelling. The DPR authorities have taken several attempts to evacuate the population, however, part of the residents refuse to leave their homes.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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