16:13 The residents of central Telmanovo, DPR, have lost access to water supply as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces

07.07.2015 16:13 Telmanovo, DPR

Residents of central parts of Telmanovo township have lost access to water supply due to the damage the power lines received in the shelling of Kiev junta punitive forces, the press service of the public utility company “Water of Donbass” has reported.

The report of the public utility company states:

Telmanovo has been heavily shelled today. The power lines that supply electricity to the city’s water-supply junction were damaged. The residents of households in the central part of the town have lost access to the water supply.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of DPR Eduard Basurin told that Telmanovo was shelled from Granitnoye and Novoselovka-2 controlled by the Ukrainian side. He stressed that these two communities are a part of the zone from which the artillery and other heavy weaponry is supposed to be withdrawn.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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