Why Turkey and Saudi Arabia make peace

04.05.2022, Moscow.

Erdogan was recently received with pomp in Saudi Arabia. After fulfilling all the prince’s “wishes,” the meeting between the Turkish president and Saudi Arabia’s leaders was arranged.

The wish, as we remember, was to close the trial of the alleged murders of journalist Khashoggi, which casts a shadow on the bright face of the future head of the Saudi kingdom. Erdogan this time felt that restoring relations with Saudi Arabia was more important than the liberal values of the West, and Ankara transferred the Khashoggi case to Riyadh (that is, closed).

Erdogan is determined to make peace with the Persian Quartet (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt) and is firmly on his way, sweeping away human freedoms (Khashoggi case), the press (closing Egyptian opposition channels in Turkey) and so on. Investments from the UAE have already been agreed upon, and the Saudis have also promised to expand economic relations.

In addition to money, Erdogan also needs regional support so that he is not prevented from solving the Kurds question in Syria and Iraq and given the opportunity to “make friends” with Africa, the Balkans, etc.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE also need something from Erdogan. They need an anti-Iranian bloc. Everything is in play here: Turkey’s advantageous territorial position, its own defense industry, military instructors, military experience, the historical Iran-Turan conflict, etc.

The partners are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation and there is a platform for it. This does not mean that the anti-Iranian bloc wants to engage in military action. These countries do not want war in the region. They want to be prepared for the fact that sanctions may be lifted from Iran and that the friendship between Iran and China may become a little closer.

Translated from https://t.me/shotday/257

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