Captive Ukrainian army’s soldier advises Ukrainians to think with their heads

28.02.2022, Lugansk.

On February 28, former National Guard of Ukraine soldier Vyacheslav Skripka, who defected to the Lugansk People’s Republic, told reporters that they are treated well in the Lugansk People’s Republic, the Lugansk Information Center (LIC) reported.

Skripka said that he and several of his comrades-in-arms, after being surrounded and wandering around in the woods for three days, decided to “just lay down your arms and surrender.” He said he understood that this gave him the only chance “to survive and see his relatives and loved ones,” although, he admitted, there was fear of being captured.

“We didn’t know what was really waiting for us,” he said. But, the fear was in vain, as it turned out, in the LPR prisoners are, in his words, “treated well.”

According to him, “there was no information about the operation: some military units had withdrawn from their positions, others had not even had time to deploy” when the People’s Militia units went on the offensive in combat vehicles supported by tanks and he, as he said, realized that “there was no point to go in combat.” He said that the Ukrainian unit was quickly cordoned off, and then he, after sending two wounded men to an observation post near which a Russian tank and Russian soldiers were already standing, went into the woods himself.

Having already been taken prisoner, he learned that the wounded he had sent into captivity “were helped, they were operated on in the hospital, alive and well.”

From everything that happened to him, Skripka realized that he “cannot trust the command and the management system of the Ukrainian army in general after that.” He said, commenting on the calls of the Kiev authorities to the inhabitants of Ukraine to go to war, “I can’t call for anything: think with your own heads”.

The head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik said earlier that once the military operation to demilitarize and denationalize Ukraine is over and Kiev’s resistance is over, all surrendered Ukrainian soldiers will be released to their homes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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