Lavrov urges the West to pay attention to Zelensky’s threats against Russians

14.01.2022, Moscow.

The West should pay attention to the outrageous behavior of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with regard to the residents of Donbass, rather than to stories about Russia’s “invasion,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on 14 January, speaking to journalists.

The diplomat recalled the recent statement of Zelensky, who called the residents of Donbass “specimens” and said that if they, being citizens of Ukraine, hope to speak Russian and profess Russian culture, they better get away to Russia.

“Near the line of contact [in Ukraine] has amassed an unusually large number [of armed forces], but the West is not concerned. What worries is what Russia is doing on its territory… What if it decides to use the accumulated units of armed forces to drive the Russians out of there…? That is why I would suggest to our Western colleagues, when they assess who and where, where their troops are moving and relocating on their territory, to see what goals the Ukrainian radicals led by the president are essentially proclaiming with regard to Russians and Russian speaking people,” Lavrov said.

The topic of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine has been actively discussed in the Western media as well as by governments since November 2021. Bloomberg Agency has repeatedly delighted its readers with sizzling details of this invasion, posting schemes of the proposed offensive, and outlining the number of troops that would be involved. The agency showed awareness of the change in the rate of conscription of citizens of the Russian Federation. And it was suggested that these conscripts would support the occupation regime after the invasion.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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