First Deputy Speaker of the Crimean parliament: NATO destroyer deliberately violates the Russian borders

23.06.2021, Simferopol.

The entry of a British destroyer into Russian territorial waters near Crimea is a deliberate provocation, First Deputy Speaker of the Crimean parliament Yefim Fiks said, REGNUM news agency informed on June 23.

Fiks said, “There is a deliberate provocation here, there can be no mistake on the part of the British destroyer.”

In his opinion, this is how the British are testing the strength of spirit of the Russian army. The parliamentarian asked questions, “Where is Great Britain and where is Crimea? Why are you coming here? What interests can they have in the Black Sea, off the coast of Crimea?”

He said that it is necessary “to stop this fuss,” there are borders and relevant treaties that must be respected, he added.

Earlier, the British Navy destroyer HMS Defender crossed the Russian state border in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. It entered Russian territorial waters near Cape Fiolent for three kilometers.

The Black Sea Fleet and Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia fired warning shots and dropped several bombs along its course, after which the ship left Russian waters.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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