Kurginyan: Through rejecting human development, Europe has rejected itself

23.02.2021, Moscow.

Europe, which has rejected the idea of developing Man ahead of technology, is absolutely alien to Russia, philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on February 18 on the Tema program on the Donetsk Union channel.

Europe today has shown its new face to the world, which is different than the face of the classical bourgeois Europe. “The end of the Humanism project, the end of history, the end of the project of Man, the actual destruction of the family (parent No. 1 and parent No. 2), profound de-Christianization… this is the new face of Europe,” the political scientist said. “And one cannot feel any affection for this new face it shows.” The Europe that has declared the end of the project of Man has become the enemy of the humanity, he believes.

The attitude toward technological and human development is what the European path wrought with doom. “The Western position is that technology can be infinitely developed, while Man will remain the way he is.” Kurginyan explained.

The leader of Essence of Time indicated that the Protestant and pan-European view of humanity is based on the concept of using Man’s inherent evil for his own good. “There is original sin. Man is sinful in general. And do not tell us he will improve at all, these are all silly utopias. He must be accepted as he is, and placed in the confines of laws; he must be tolerated as he is, regulated, and transformed into the steam that will drive the train of history, and thus history will evolve.”

The European attitude of accelerated technical development that outpaces human development has always been alien to Russia, the philosopher believes. “Russia has never accepted this. It has always said that human ascension is more important than technological ascension, or it must happen concurrently.”

Russia never rejected technological or historical progress, but it had its own point of view on the development of Man and technology, which Andrey Voznesensky very accurately expressed, “All progress is reactionary if Man is destroyed.”

Kurginyan described the argument between Russia and Europe, “You and your Rome, your feeling that Man may be left undeveloped, with your feeling that Man is evil ― you are alien to us. Yes, we too are a Christian world, but our way of thinking is based on symphony, synergy, and a world where Man ascends. If Man does not ascend, all the rest does not matter, and it is all reactionary.”

This argument with Europe and Russia’s understanding of its own path are especially important today, when Europe has ultimately abandoned humanism and humanity, the expert stressed, “In the previous period, there was a sort of humanity in the capitalism of Dickens, Flaubert, and Balzac… In any event, humanity reaped certain fruits from the achievements of progress. ‘We will drive history forward! We are its engine!’ Now they say that the end of history has come.”

Insisting on the end of history, Europe is rejecting itself and thus committing self-destruction. “This clear rejection today brings to a conclusion the centuries of constant rejection that took place after the Renaissance. Everything that took place after the Renaissance was an absolute rejection of any mainstream European ideals of the joint ascension of Man and technology,” the leader of Essence of Time concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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