Expert: China has strategies towards both US presidential candidates

28.10.2020, Moscow.

China stands over “the fray” and is waiting for the one who will become the US president, said director of the Institute of Far East countries of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Aleksey Maslov on October 28 on the air of the “Vesti FM” radio broadcast.

“China is always on its side. China is positioning itself to be standing above the fray. That the USA is trying to get involved in the fight, it is not characteristic of China … China is now waiting for one who will win the US elections. And China has its own policy towards Trump and policy towards Biden. It seems to be stable, but it’s somewhat different policies,” Maslov said.

According to Maslov, China’s main task is to solve the problem in the USA, which will affect the relationship between Beijing and Moscow. He noted that if Trump would win, China will try to seek the rapprochement with Russia, and if Biden would win, the rapprochement is not so obvious.

On October 27, US foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer stressed that relations between the USA and China would further deteriorate irrespective of who would win the presidential elections in the USA.

On October 19, Vasiliy Kashin, a researcher from the RAS Far East Institute stated that China feels more confident in confrontation with the USA relying on internal capabilities of the state.

Besides economic growth, the expert specified, one can see more offensive policy in the actions of Beijing. In his opinion, this policy is expressed in the development of already formalized sanctions mechanisms, which indicate China’s readiness to actively participate in the war of sanctions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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