Expert: The second wave of coronavirus terror has begun

23.09.2020, Moscow.

Rossa Primavera News Agency’s observer Anton Chirkov called the warnings of the UK and European authorities in connection with the spread of coronavirus terror.

“Coronavirus is just like Medusa, whose aim is to paralyze everyone who looks at it with fear. And this ‘treatment with fear’ is the essence of the Imperial College London’s project, where all quarantine plans are created. It turns out that the terrorists-infodemists [reporters and journalists spreading the ‘panic’ information about coronavirus pandemic thus terrorizing the people  – translator’s note] are starting to launch their second wave at home,” Chirkov explained.

The observer is stunned by the fact that great losses: the death of people deprived of medical care due to the switching of medical care systems in the world countries to “COVID”, serious mass psychological problems, the collapse of the education system due to introduction of “online learning” and downfall of the world economy did not force the world countries to “resist the absurdity.”

Chirkov reminded that it was the practice of Nazi concentration camps to force people to make senseless things that aimed at destruction of the human personality. Many proposed measures against the coronavirus are similar to this kind of practice, the observer believes.

“If the number of those who fell ill and died from coronavirus allows to declare a pandemic, it should be declared for ten more diseases: flu, tuberculosis, cancer,” he said.

Rossa Primavera News Agency’s observer called upon a wide range of experts to give their assessment of what is happening in the world. According to Chirkov, health care systems should be aimed at qualitatively and effectively treating COVID-19 instead of “senselessly and mercilessly paralyzing people’s lives”.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of new restrictive measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus in the country. The new restrictions, which will last for six months, will mainly concern the work of pubs, bars and restaurants, rules for public events and the wearing of masks. Residents who were previously advised to return to their offices should now work from home again if possible. Johnson also announced that, contrary to earlier plans, from October 1, the UK will not resume sports competitions with spectators in the stands, as well as exhibitions and conferences.

There is a universal epidemic threshold – 5% of the territory’s residents or 5% of representatives of any social group falling ill with a disease. But medical departments more often use their calculations for different diseases. Sometimes the epidemiological threshold is only 1%.

The population of the UK is 67 million people. Thus, 412 thousand infected with coronavirus in the country for the entire period of COVID-19 existence does not reach 1% of the population, while the vast majority cases are asymptomatic. The share of those infected with coronavirus in Russia also does not reach 1%.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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