Cause of revolution in China is Lenin

19.04.2020, Novocherkassk.

The possibility of socialist revolution in agricultural countries, including China, was proven in practice by Lenin, said Doctor of History, Professor of South Russian State Polytechnic University Vitaly Bondarev, reports Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent on March 18.

According to the historian, when implementing the Marxist theory, Lenin had to reform it. As a result, one part of Marx’s ideas was declined, facing reality, while the other one was seriously reworked.

According to Bondarev, to make sure of this, it is enough to read Lenin’s book “State and Revolution” and look at the actions of the leader during the Civil War.

By the Marxism canons, the socialist revolution cannot happen in a country where the working class is a minority,” said the historian. “But thanks to Lenin, we saw that it is possible, in principle, anywhere. Even in an agricultural country with majority of peasant population like China“.

The historian also said that despite Marx’s theory, in practice it turns out that “the state does not disappear“. The natural consequence of building socialism was not the extinction of the state, but its strengthening. The same goes for the army, police and bureaucracy.


Russia celebrates the 150th anniversary since the birth of Vladimir Lenin, one of the key figures in its history. Some consider him savior of Russia, who has managed to get the country out of the chaos, while others talk about “a bomb to Russian statehood”.

One still hears anti-Soviet curses of the Cold War, while primitive pseudo-Soviet slogans are being reproduced. At the same time, there is a growing demand in society for a real rethinking of the Soviet heritage.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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