Russia is standing on a cliff but still can be saved – Kurginyan

14.11.2019, Moscow.

The Russian state is defective; but it if fails, the situation will become only worse. It must live, and new existential forces need to evolve inside it, political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said in an interview to the Editor-in-Chief of the Zavtra newspaper Aleksandr Prokhanov published on the Essence of Time Youtube channel on November 13.

“All my political life has been to prevent this state from failing. By a miracle, it managed to survive on the very edge of a precipice,” the political scientist noted.

Discussing the transition of power, Kurginyan stressed, “The transition of power is a good idea when polling numbers are 70%, but not 20%. What transition? What are we talking about? On the other hand, I know how it all can instantly become uncontrollable and fail.”

According to the political scientist, the opinion that all major export sectors of the economy must be nationalized will eventually prevail. He also believes that a large state sector must be built, that education, culture, and medicine must be decommercialized, and that small business must be exempted from taxes.

Aleksandr Prokhanov interviewed Sergey Kurginyan on November 13, the day before the Essence of Time leader’s 70th birthday. They talked about the nature of creative work, the sources of creative energy, the mystery theater, and the greatest human dream to achieve immortality while alive, without waiting for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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