Political scientist: the US is prepared cling onto power at all costs – otherwise it will collapse

29.10.2019, Moscow.

The tragedy of modern US politics is the desire to hold onto power at all costs, and a lack of understanding of how to do this, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on October 26, on the air of The Right to Know TV program on the TVC channel.

The US elites cling onto world domination because its loss threatens it with the loss of its statehood. “If you lose power, you lose the printing press [meaning, control of dollar emission – editorial note], you step down from the first place to fourth, then such a disorder begins inside the country that you’ll lose your statehood. No,” said Kurginyan.

Two strategies for maintaining power separate the Republican (Donald Trump) and the Democratic (Joe Biden) parties in the US. The first strategy, according to the prescription of US President Donald Trump, is to “Make America Great Again”.

The second strategy is to maintain US power by weakening the rest of the world. “…significantly weakening the world to the point where the weaker US still remains on top,” emphasized the political scientist. The Democrats would rather have this approach.

The pitfall hidden in concept of weakening the world for the sake of US domination concept is that “the more you push towards world disorder <…>, the less time you have left to address the issues in your own country. It weakens a bit more. And it turns out that you yourself can get sucked into this disorder. The new world disorder,” explained the expert.

The weakness of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again concept is that US society then becomes more vulgarly bourgeois. “You want to raise America up, but it does not. You take her, and say: ‘America, become great again.’ And she says: no, get lost. I just want to eat and sleep,” said Kurginyan.

The world turned out to be more complex than we thought, summarized the political scientist. Both strategies, strengthening the US and weakening the rest of the world, conflict with each other. The US elites are not ready to sacrifice 500 thousand soldiers for the sake of world domination.

Is anyone ready to send the Roman legions into Iraq, Iran, be prepared to send them to Indonesia, or somewhere else? To control Africa. Is anyone willing to pay the sacrifice? No,” commented Kurginyan.

The US changed its foreign policy towards the destabilization of the world in the early 2000s. On June 20, 2005, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that the previous US foreign policy towards Middle East stability did not live up to its expectations, “We are taking a different course. It is time to abandon the excuses that are made to avoid the hard work of democracy.

The US will support the dissidents and their struggle against “despotic regimes” in the Middle East, said US President George W. Bush said in 2005. In 2011, the largest countries in the Middle East, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and Egypt, were subjected to the technology of a violent coup d’etat through so-called Orange Revolutions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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