Terrorists launch military operation in the Syrian province of Hama

08.06.2019, Hama.

Terrorist groups have begun a military operation in several directions in the northwestern part of Hama province in Syria, a Rossa Primavera News Agency source reports from Syria on June 7.

The attack took place during the battle named “the Mutasim Billah invasion” [Mutasim Billah was the governor of Syria and Egypt during the Mamoon Rasheed Caliphate, from 833-842], with “Jaish al-Izza” (an organization banned in Russia) terrorist group led by Major Jamil al-Saleh participating.

The operation began when militants attacked the Syrian Army positions, located in the towns of Al-Jubain and Tel Malah in northern Hama. Prior to that, the militants attacked the northern part of the city of Mukhrad and its thermal power station with a Grad multiple rocket launcher system, while preparing its heavy artillery for battle.

The terrorists’ main objective was to resist the pressure of the Syrian Army advancement on the southern front in the Idlib province. As a result, the Syrian Army troops formed a defensive line under pressure on their position near Al-Jubain, which prevented the advancement of militants who continue to bomb Tel Malah.

Also, it was announced that the Syrian Air Defense forces responded to the terrorist’s drone attack near Jubb Ramlah village in western Hama. Terrorists used rockets to attack the village of Hayalin in the northwestern part of the Hama province.

The villages of Al-Jubain and Tel Malah are considered to be the major outposts in western Hama, and they are located to the west of the city of Muhrad. Their strategic location is the key to controlling the western part of the Hama province.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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