Federation Council calls NATO main threat to global security

14.03.2019, Moscow.

Russia’s Federation Council adopted a statement calling NATO the main threat to global security on March 13, the Federation Council’s official web site reports.

The statement was adopted at a session on the anniversary of the NATO military operation against Yugoslavia. According to the Federation Council, the strikes against Yugoslavia were an act of aggression against a sovereign European state. This act of aggression undermined the mutual trust between states.

The statement notes that neither the UN nor the UN Security Council appropriately sanctioned the operation. The war criminals responsible for this act of aggression have not been punished.

The Federation Council concluded that after the bombardment of Yugoslavia by aircraft and missiles in 1999, NATO took shape as the main threat to global and regional security.

In its statement, the Federation Council urged foreign parliaments, the UN, and a number of other international institutions to condemn NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and to take measures to overcome its consequences.

The act of aggression being discussed, the so-called Operation Allied Force, took place from March 24, 1999, to June 10, 1999. The operation killed over 1,700 people, including almost 400 children. About 10,000 people were severely wounded. NATO lost two people killed.

Depleted uranium was used in the munitions, which led to many deaths after the operation had ended.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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