Expert: North Korean leader will be the new Che Guevara

14.06.2018, Moscow.

The world needs new revolutionaries, and Kim Jong-un will be like a new Che Guevara, Oriental studies expert, Doctor of History, Professor Aleksey Maslov said on June 13 on the air of the Vesti.FM radio station.

Commenting on the outcome of the meeting in Singapore between the leaders of North Korea and the USA, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the expert noted that the DPRK can “subordinate” South Korea.

“Kim Jong-un has an idea. It is a good history. Moon Jae-in (President of the Republic of Korea ― Rossa Primavera News Agency) lacks any idea. He has an idea of standard economic development; he is not a revolutionary. However, the world needs revolutionaries. Mark my word, someday people will name their children Kim Jong-un or Jong-un. He will become an icon, like Che Guevara,” the Oriental studies expert explained.

The expert stressed two dangers the DPRK can face. The first one is the group of generals on which both the economy and policy rely. The second one is the opening of the society. Maslov noted that “if North Korea does not go rocketing up economically (in fact, this is what the US is now pursuing with its investments), then it will be simply an explosion followed by a change of leadership.”

According to the expert, this is a perfect situation for Russia to develop its relations with North Korea. Russia can benefit from the political as well as economical aspect. “In principle, we are now at the beginning of another 10 years long series,” Aleksey Maslov concluded.

On June 12, a historical US-North Korea summit took place in Singapore. It resulted in the signing of a document, in which the leaders assumed the obligation to establish a new format of the bilateral relations. The summit was initiated in March by South Korean officials who communicated to the US side the DRPK leadership’s intention to hold a summit. An important factor for the US’ agreement was the DPRK’s readiness to stop nuclear tests on the Korean Peninsula.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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