Analysis of the accident with Alexey Navalny in Anapa. Who is to profit by?

Analyzing the incident with Alexey Navalny and his fellows in Anapa on May 17, it’s important to make two conclusions. First, it was one of Navalny’s fellows, who initiated fight. Second, people, who poured milk over Navalny and his fellows do nothing, but promote Navalny and compromise the whole patriotic Russian movement.

Pouring milk is not a political method; it is a method of low-level political provocation. Here one can easily see a parallel to what happened in Ukraine in 2013-2014 during Maidan. That time the meme “titushky” was introduced. “Titushky” were supposed to be thugs for hire, whom Yanukovych ostensibly used to struggle against Maidan. Meme “titushky” were used by Maidan radicals, who first depicted the whole anti-Maidan movement in Ukrainian as being paid by Yanukovych, and second to show that people, who are against Maidan are just thugs.

It finally allowed Maidan radicals to legitimize violence against anti-Maidan civilians. Pro-Maidan radicals first claimed that they wanted to punish only “titushky” (it would be Cossacks, if we draw a parallel to the accident in Anapa), but by punishing them Maidan radicals legitimized violence as a tool to use against people, who didn’t agree with their politics. Finally, it became the mainstream of Ukrainian politics. Which is still a trend in modern Ukraine, when the members of Ukrainian parliament and Ukrainian minister officially claim that massacre in Odessa, when 48 pro-Russian Ukrainians were burned lived and killed, is the day of glory for Ukraine.

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