Ukrainian Institute of National Memory honors the memory of one of the fascist ideologists

21.10.2020, Kiev.

Ukrainian Institute of National Memory held a scientific conference in honor of ideologist of Ukrainian racism and fascism, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky on October 21 on Facebook.

“The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory held an all-Ukrainian scientific conference in the village of Machukhi in Poltava region dedicated to the works of the founder of Ukrainian racism, Yuriy Lipa and his father, and opened a memorial plaque in honor of ‘geopolitician’,” Dolinsky said.

He reminded that Lipa called for cleaning up Ukraine from 6 million “Moscovites”, which he called “parasites”.

“Lipa considered the Ukrainian race to be the main one on the Earth, ‘The most important achievements of mankind have grown and will grow in the Ukrainian race’,” Dolinsky cited Lipa’s statement.

Yuriy Lipa served as a colonel in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (organization banned in Russia), which cooperated with German troops during the Great Patriotic War. Lipa became known for his ideological works, “Ukrainian Epoch (era)”, “Ukrainian Race”, “Predestination of Ukraine”, “Black Sea Doctrine”, and “Partition of Russia”.

In 1944, during the Lvov-Sandomir operation to liberate Western Ukraine from the Nazi invaders, Lipa was captured by NKVD soldiers and sentenced to death.

On August 19, the Lvov regional administration celebrated the 76th anniversary of Yuriy Lipa’s death.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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