Kurginyan: US fears Russia’s collapse as well as its strengthening

29.10.2019, Moscow.

The US elite is in a tactical perplexity regarding Russia, the leader of the Essence of Time social political movement Sergey Kurginyan said on October 26 on the Right to Know TV program on the TVC TV channel.

According to the political scientist, “a fear of Russia’s total destruction” exists in the US along with the fear of its strengthening.

An indirect indication of this is the level of the sanction measures to deter Russia. Had this course been pursued all the way through, everything in Russia would have gone “out of control.” However, the US always stops instead of extreme measures.

Recalling the precedent of the Poklonnaya Hill in 2012, when civil society took to the streets to protest against the US-supported orange revolution, the expert noted that the US does not like any unexpected and non-standard moves.

At the same time, “a nuclear war is not always bad” sort of madness is beginning in the US itself. And this topic, despite the fear of the nuclear war, continues to be promoted together with the Russophobic idea.

On October 11, journalist Dimitri Simes wrote in his article in The National Interest that the US has only helped Russia to strengthen by its policy of economic sanctions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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