Ukrainian policy “one step forward, two steps back” will unfold in a great storm

18.09.2019, Moscow.

Vladimir Zelensky’s promise to return Crimea by diplomatic means, with which he had come to power, has turned out to be idle talk. In fact, the Ukrainian policy has remained bloody, and the oligarch Kolomoysky controls the processes, the Essence of Time leader Sergey Kurginyan stated on September 16 on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program on the Russia One channel.

According to Kurginyan, the whole “one step forward, two steps back” Ukrainian policy, where “a step forward” is Zelensky’s clownishness and idle talk, and “a step back” is military action, suggests that the Ukrainian policy is moving in the direction opposite to that being declared.

“I remind you, how Mr. Zelensky came to power: ‘I shall achieve the return of Crimea and Donbass, but this will be done by diplomatic means.’ ‘Oh! Great!’ everyone said. ‘The whole land will be ours, and there will be no blood.’

We need to understand what he actually meant when he has said ‘by diplomatic means’. He meant the boosting of sanctions, the West, and increasing pressure. What else could he mean? Now here, a gentleman finally says that a diplomatic action is not needed. ‘Diplomatic action is garbage; one does not need to listen to the Normandy format representatives or adhere to anything else.’ So, what kind of path should be taken? It is the bloody path! There is no third path. And everyone understands this,” the political scientist said.

“Two words about Mr Zelensky’s ‘contemporariness. He clowns in a contemporary way. But there is always a Mangiafuoco [the puppet master from The Adventures of Pinocchio – translator’s note] behind every clown in this circus, and this Mangiafuoco can put other puppets on his hand and so on. And these puppets will clown differently, but Mangiafuoco will be the same, and we see him. And we know his name, it is Kolomoysky.

If every bloody gangster is ‘contemporary’, then fine! And then it turns out that the most contemporary one is Lucky Luciano or someone else – these are the most “contemporary” people. One needs to open his eyes to the horror of Ukrainian politics, and try to get out of it before it unfolds into a great storm,” the political scientist concluded.

The oligarch Kolomoysky is considered to be the gray eminence of Ukrainian politics. He is called the sponsor of the current Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky. Kolomoysky considers the number of citizens returning to their homeland as a criterion for the success of Zelensky’s work as president. However, he does not say a word about terminating the war in eastern Ukraine, about economic successes, and the growth of the citizens’ well-being.

Kolomoysky earlier called the previous Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko his puppet and claimed that he would do whatever Kolomoysky told him.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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