Kurginyan: US strategy is systemic insanity

13.04.2018, Moscow.

The USA’s desire to retain control over the world without paying the corresponding price for it is systemic insanity, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, Sergey Kurginyan, said on April 11 on the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program at the Russian Channel One.

 “The most terrible feature of the American strategy is their attempt to turn somewhere without paying the price that has to be paid for such a move. We keep saying this, we said this before 2008, and we are saying it constantly, ‘You want a more serious degree of control over the world? Send a force of 300 thousand to Iraq, 400 thousand to Iran, and get ready to enter Pakistan. Pay the corresponding price! You want to be an empire, you keep striving for it? Pay the price in tens of thousands of coffins, the restructuring of the American economy, and the transformation of the professional military into a draft-based army. Pay the price!’ But they do not want to pay it,” Kurginyan said.

In practice, according to the political scientist, the US conducts “hooliganism with missiles and so on,” which is going to result in global destabilization, but not in the US gaining power, “Suppose they do everything they want. Will this mean that Syria is to be destabilized as well? What have they done so far? They have dramatically strengthened Iran. They have strengthened Iran to an insane degree! Iran is becoming the main regional power. Is this what they wanted? They gave it Iraq, they completed the Shia arc. At the Golan Heights, where only flies would buzz, there are now Hezbollah and Iran, whom the Israelis fear like the plague. They have destabilized the situation in the North Africa, which still cannot return to stability. What comes next?”

Next comes destabilization across the globe. Thus, the US escalates chaos, “They are torn apart between two totally opposite positions, and this is what makes the American blather systemic insanity,” Kurginyan concluded.

On April 11, Donald Trump wrote in his Twitter account that Russia should be prepared to counter missile strikes against Syria. This is the American president’s reaction to a statement made by the Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Aleksandr Zasypkin, who said that “if the US strikes, we will shoot down the missiles, and we will these missiles’ launch pads.”

Previously, Donald Trump said at a meeting with US military commanders that Washington has developed several variants of a military operation in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the city of Duma, Syria. Russia denied the use of chemical weapons by Damascus, and it recalled that back on March 13, the Russian General Staff warned about a provocation with a staged use of chemical weapons prepared by terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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