Kurginyan explains what kind of Turkey and Poland are unacceptable to Russia

03.06.2022, Moscow.

Russia is absolutely satisfied with a Turkey and Poland that would wish to remain within their national borders, without any intentions to restore their ambitions for a sultanate or empire, said political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 26 on the Time to Remember program on Channel One.

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Splitted Turkey

On May 29 Turkey celebrated one of the key dates in its history – the 569th anniversary of the sizing of Constantinople by the Ottomans, which marked the victory in the centuries-long confrontation with the Byzantine Empire. Dates of great victories are always a factor in uniting the people, but this event was also marked by political quarrels.

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A new reality in Transcaucasia. Who intensified the actions after the start of Russian operation in Ukraine?

New reality will have a direct impact on the processes in Transcaucasia and will affect the neighboring countries

The start of Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine has affected processes around the world. In Transcaucasia, after the second war in Karabakh, when in September 2020, with the support of Turkey, Azerbaijan was able to militarily annex several districts of Nagorno-Karabakh, the situation is not fully defined. And it can be called very tense.

Events in Ukraine have raised the temperature even more and raised the stakes. The fact that Russia is being “constrained” by the situation in Ukraine additionally provokes the countries in the region to solve their geopolitical and economic problems.

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