Kurginyan: The West really started hating Russia once it became capitalist

24.11.2022, Aleksandrovskoye

Russia became the most hated enemy for the West precisely when it abandoned its own path of development, and decided to integrate with the West and build the Western model of capitalism, said philosopher, analyst, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on November 19 in an interview with BelTA.

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Revised concept of American domination: suppression by involvement. Part V. Conclusion


Regardless of all inter-party disagreements, there is a strategic consensus of elites in the United States on the fact that no one in the world must be able to question the absolute American hegemony. Russia did.


What were the other “surprises” for the American intelligence agencies from the Russian “electronic intelligence”?

A new quiet, but very alarming for the American elites, scandal erupted in the USA in the end of October 2014.

On October 28, 2014 FireEye, Inc. that has been conducting cyber security research and developing cyber attack protection under contractual agreements with the intelligence community of the USA released its next report. The report “APT 28: A Window into Russia’s Cyber Espionage Operations?” states that one of the main threats to the cyber security of the USA is posed by a group of hackers that began its activities as far back as 2007. FireEye calls this group “ Advanced Persistent Threat 28” and considers it particularly dangerous as it mostly collects vital classified geopolitical and strategic military information.

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Revised concept of American domination: suppression by involvement. Part V


Snowden’s files revealed the negligent attitude of the American “ally” towards not only key European, Latin American, Asian political leads, but towards strategical European, Asian, Latin American economic interests as well. Including the negligent attitude towards the problems of access of genetically modified and “pesticided” products to the market, towards European principles of the “welfare state”, the currency sovereignty of the EU and many other things. These files also unveiled the absolute American espionage against all significant people and organizations which participate in discussing TTIP and TPP.


In the previous parts of the article we have discussed the content of the American concept of “suppression by involvement” of allies and enemies and the key ways (and facts) of application of this concept by Americans. We have also discussed the largest events which explain why Russia turned out to be the main strategical enemy of the United States and its closest geopolitical partners.

However, there are some other reasons for the current decisive turn of America towards a full-scale war (for now — only a Cold war) against Russia.

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Revised concept of American domination: suppression by involvement. Part IV


Russia’s primary “sin” is that it is the only country in the world which dared to confront the primary instruments of American concept of “suppression by involvement”. That is why Russia is America’s enemy #1.


We have discussed the primary results of realization of American concept of “suppression through involvement” on the European front in the previous part of the article.

What is the situation on other fronts?

Near Eastern front

The largest aspect of American involvement of allies and enemies on this front is, of course, the war that the USA declared against “reincarnation” of global caliphatism against the “Islamic State” which had “suddenly” appeared in the region.

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Revised concept of American domination: suppression by involvement. Part III


Europe turned out to be involved “head over ears”, both directly and indirectly, in two major crises in 2014. In the Near East where it participates in the war against U.S.-created ISIL (Organization banned in Russia), bearing corresponding costs. And in Ukraine, where Nazis came to power after a U.S.-supported coup d’etat and where the depth of involvement of Europe and the costs (political, economic, social) it pays are even higher and keep increasing.


We have discussed earlier how the leading elite groups of United States construct their renewed concept of global domination and what mechanisms are being used to secure the involvement of the general public and the elites of many countries into supporting and realizing American goals and interests.

One may, apparently, have doubts: perhaps I made all of this up. What is the evidence that the United States do this “suppression by involvement” at all? What serious American politicians or experts talk about this? Where is the proof?

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Revised concept of American domination: suppresion by involvement. Part II


Since the properly created global “picture of injustice” is in the hands of the global mass media fully controlled by the United States, it is the U.S. who decide what is justice and what is injustice. In full accordance with Goebbels’ ideas


As we have already discussed, the novelty of the current age is that the United States has received the dual conceptual instrument for influencing the masses and elites of the countries which it wants to exploit to its own advantage. The first part of the concept is the major influence the United States has on shaping the agenda and interpreting the events in world media and online. The second part is the all-encompassing American surveillance system which grants the United States unauthorized access to private and state confidential information in almost every country of the world.

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Revised concept of American domination: suppression through involvement. Part I


The essence of the transformation of the concept of American domination is in involving the allies as much as possible into solving the local and global problems to American advantage. To involve them in such a fashion, that both American enemies AND allies would end up suppressed or weakened to the required extent.


Editor’s note: Paris terror attacks launched the European discussion on “boots on the ground” against ISIL (Organization banned in Russia). There is no doubt that ISIL (Organization banned in Russia), a new kind of fascist state, must be dealt with immediately. A real international coalition is necessary to defeat it. However, there are different ways how war against ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) might end. The U.S. created ISIL (Organization banned in Russia), including by allowing al-Baghdadi brainwash Saddam Hussein’s generals in camp Bucca; at the same time it is encouraging Europe to send its troops to fight ISIL (Organization banned in Russia). Why and how? What are the goals of USA in Europe and the Near East? The United States involves its allies in such a fashion that both its allies and enemies get weakened. This is the revised concept of American domination. Yury Byaly’s series of article on birth, rise and essence of fascism was originally interrupted by the Nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine in February 2014. The Paris terror attacks interrupt the translation of Yury Byaly’s articles on fascism in November 2015 on the exact same article it was interrupted originally in 2014. Today we launch the publication of six translated articles by Yury Byaly on the revised concept of American domination, which is being used against Europe today.


Recently I came across an article by Mikhail Rostovsky in “Moskovsky Komsomolets” newspaper titled “Biden, EU and sanctions. How does the USA make EU do what it wants?” The article raises the question: Why does modern-day Europe shoots itself in the foot by supporting anti-Russian foreign policy initiatives of the United States again and again?

I will try to give the answer in this article.

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