Assassination attempt on Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan and its consequences

It is already clear that the attempted assassination did not scare Imran Khan, but only raised the stakes even higher in the political struggle.

The attempted assassination of Pakistan’s opposition leader Imran Khan has sharply escalated the already deep political crisis into which the country has been plunged over the past seven months since he was deposed as prime minister.

The attack on the leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice (PTI) came during one of the stops of a mass protest march he led that was heading toward the national capital.

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Kurginyan: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not unique

21.07.2022, Moscow.

The popular view that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are unique and unprecedented is completely inappropriate, said political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on July 11 in the new issue of the program Destiny published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

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Idea to divide Afghanistan has long found supporters in Pakistan. Opinion

10.04.2022, Moscow.

If Afghanistan is divided, an independent Afghani Pashtunistan would become a too great temptation to the Pashtuns dreaming of united Pashtunistan that would include part of Pakistan, according to the article A New Round of the Great Game: Players, Strategies, and Pieces by Yury Byaly, the Vice President of the Experimental Creative Center International Social Foundation (Kurginyan Center) published in the Essence of Time newspaper.

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Historic visit of Pakistani delegation to Russia. With whom Imran Khan met

12.03.2022, Moscow.

The official part of Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow began with a significant political gesture.

Pakistani Prime Minister’s visit to Russia took place on February 24-25. Recently, the Pakistani government repeatedly said that the country planned to maintain its neutral status in order to develop partnership and cooperation with all the participants of the global process.

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