A message from Kharkov – Eyewitness Report

04.03.2022, Kharkov..

First of all, there is an acute lack of explanatory work on the part of Russia. People are waiting for certainty, they need to be explained how they will live without Nazis and dictatorship, that there will be jobs.

So far, people don’t understand what awaits them next and are therefore confused.

Why don’t you use what was once used on the Maidan, but tell the truth?

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Ukrainian authorities will use criminals and marauders to counter Russia

27.02.2022, Kiev.

Ukrainian authorities have decided to release criminals who previously served in the armed forces from prisons in order to use them for combat operations, said Andrey Sinyuk, a representative of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ukrainian TV channel Gromadskoe reported on February 27.

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