Netanyahu urges US to speed up arms shipments to Israel

22.06.2024, Israel.

The issue of resuming the previous volume of US arms deliveries to Israel must be “resolved in the near future,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said according to his office on June 23.

Netanyahu recalled that four months ago the US began to supply Israel with noticeably fewer weapons, in connection with which Tel Aviv repeatedly asked “American friends” at various levels to resume them. Only various explanations have been given in response, and the situation in general has still not changed.

I hope and believe that this issue will be resolved in the nearest future,” the Israeli Prime Minister emphasized.

He also commented on his video message in English from June 18, in which he called the restrictions on arms deliveries to Israel from the United States unthinkable and demanded their removal. He said it was prompted by months of no change on the issue, which is why he “decided to speak out publicly.

Netanyahu said he had anticipated criticism following the video message, both from within the country and abroad, but was prepared for it. “My task as Prime Minister of Israel is to do everything to ensure that Israeli fighters get the weapons they need,” he concluded.

On May 8, US President Joe Biden said Washington would stop arms deliveries to Israel if it launched a major military operation in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah. Later it was clarified that it is not about a complete halt in the supply of ammunition, but only a pause.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency