Russian ambassador names consequences of Ukraine summit in Switzerland

15.06.2024, Denmark.

A conference on Ukraine in Switzerland will push the end of the conflict farther away, not closer, Russian Ambassador to Denmark Vladimir Barbin wrote in an article published in the embassy’s Telegram account on June 15.

The summit does not bring the end of the conflict in Ukraine closer, but pushes it further away. Russia was not invited to Switzerland, although peace is impossible without Russia. Obviously, this was done intentionally. The West does not need peace, it needs Ukraine as a tool to fight Russia,” Barbin wrote.

In the article, the diplomat recalled the failure, driven by the West, of the 2022 talks in Istanbul and the fact that Russia has never refused to negotiate. Barbin recalled that while paying lip service to peace in Ukraine, Western countries are pumping weapons into it and threatening to send their troops there.

In Germany, the summit has already been assessed as a failure. A number of countries refused to participate in it, including China.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency