The West, losing control over Ukraine, will not even leave scorched earth there

05.10.2023, Warsaw.

The West is ready to turn Ukraine into a scorched earth if it comes to the conclusion that it will lose control over it. Myśl Polska columnist Konrad Rękas wrote on October 4.

“Anticipating the loss of control over Ukraine, the West will try not to leave even scorched earth on its territory…” Rękas stated.

The columnist compared the actions of Ukraine’s “neoliberal” allies to those of the Nazi invaders during World War II. Rękas recalled that 80 years ago, leaving the occupied regions of Ukraine under the blows of the Red Army, the Nazi troops removed even black soil from its territory. The columnist notes that the German units acted then “in the same way as today’s occupiers plunder this land, sucking its resources and poisoning it in pursuit of maximum profit.”

At the same time, “intimidating people with hunger and Russia allow them to hide this fraud on a global scale, condemning Ukraine to turn into a real desert,” which, according to Rękas, could lead to real famine in the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency