German police say riots like those in France may occur in Germany

05.07.2023, Berlin.

German law-enforcement agencies do not rule out the possibility of riots in Germany similar to those currently occurring in France, the news portal Journalistenwatch (JouWatch) wrote on July 4.

Jochen Kopelke, chairman of the German police union (GdP), believes riots like the French ones are possible in Germany. “Such riots are also possible in some places in Germany because there is also a growing rejection of democracy, the state, and state power in Germany,” Kopelke told the Funke Media Group newspaper.

Kopelke notes that residents of German cities are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt to “changes in the labor market, digitalization, integration challenges,” and as a result, “more and more citizens are feeling like losers.”

The state and federal governments should, according to the GdP chairman, watch very closely what is happening in Germany and neighboring countries and take precautionary measures quickly. Kopelke called education and work the main precautionary measures.

Michaela Engelmeier, head of the German Social Association, also expressed a similar opinion. According to her, although the situation in German and French societies is not comparable, in Germany too “many people feel socially disadvantaged, if not even abandoned.”

“Already today, the feeling that the authorities do not stand up for the interests of citizens is expressed in disillusionment with politics, in a growing willingness to vote for marginal parties, and in political extremism,” Engelmeier explained.

The head of the German Social Association added that due to high inflation and rising prices, more and more people have limited themselves to the bare necessities. “Low minimum wages and insufficient funding for basic child protection” contribute to this. Skyrocketing rents have forced many people to leave the cities for the suburbs.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency