Russian Foreign Ministry: West turns Ukraine into terrorist state

26.06.2023, Moscow.

The West has turned Ukraine into a neo-Nazi terrorist state to wage war against Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said following a meeting of the ministry’s board “on countering new challenges and threats in a changed international environment,” according to the ministry’s website on June 26.

The collegium noted that the the West has unleashed a “hybrid” war against Russia and brought international relations to a high level of conflict.

(The West) has chosen Ukraine as a springboard and instrument of armed struggle against our country, nurturing a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev and turning Ukraine into a new international terrorist cell,” the statement said.

The ministry also noted that neo-Nazi armies are supplied and sent against Russia from headquarters in the West, that the crisis caused by this war has affected all regions of the world and that the West seeks to involve all international structures in the war against our country.

On June 24, at the presentation of the book “Ukrainism: Who Constructed It and Why,” in Sevastopol, Alexander Irkhin, doctor of political science and head of the department of political science at Sevastopol State University, said that it was necessary to work on mistakes to understand how Russia allowed the creation of an anti-Russian Ukraine and what should be done to ensure that Moscow has strong allies on this territory.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency