Putin visits the headquarters of the Dnepr army group in Genichesk

18.04.2023, Genichesk.

The Russian president visited the troops deployed in the Kherson direction. The Kremlin press service informed about this on April 18.

It is noted that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief arrived at the headquarters of the Dnepr group of troops, where he studied the situation on the basis of the reports of the commander of the Dnepr group of troops, as well as the commander of the Airborne Forces.

According to a report by the Zvezda TV channel, the meeting with the participation of Vladimir Putin took place in Genichesk, where he arrived by the Defense Ministry’s helicopter.

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin congratulated the military commanders on Easter and handed over a copy of an icon, “the owner of which was one of the successful defense ministers of the Russian army of the 19th century.”

Judging by the footage, Vladimir Putin’s visit to Genichesk took place on the evening of April 17. Thus, the meeting at the headquarters of the Dnepr group of troops took place on the same day that the Commander-in-Chief heard the report of Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu on the results of the inspection of the Pacific Fleet’s combat readiness.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency