La Izquerda Diario: Condemning Russia, Argentina sides with NATO

30.03.2023, Washington.

In the conflict in Ukraine, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez joined the imperialist power, the United States and NATO, during a meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House. The leftist resource La Izquerda Diario wrote this on March 29.

La Izquerda Diario wrote that Fernandez’s geopolitical alignment with US and NATO policy could not be more evident. The Argentine President stated that “we see the serious problem created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You have said and we have supported the position in the United Nations of condemning this invasion. The war has caused immeasurable damage to the world economy. We have to work hard together, join efforts so that this war ends, so that it stops taking human lives and so that the world economy recovers.”

The agenda that the United States has openly proposed is to move forward with increased mining of minerals such as lithium, which coincides with Southern Command General Laura Richardson’s frequent remarks about competition for resources with China.

The USA is also interested in controlling telecommunications: The 5G tender is strategically important for weapons logistics and troop deployment, as well as Internet connectivity, which is another issue of US competition with China.

The visit of the Argentian President to Washington is taking place at a critical time for the country. Annual inflation has exceeded 100%. A severe drought has deprived the country of a significant portion of foreign exchange earnings. In this regard, the Argentine leader came to ask the White House for support in the negotiations on debt restructuring with the IMF.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency