Relations between Moscow and Beijing have reached the highest level. What the state leaders have said

“Sino-Russian ties have gone far beyond bilateral relations and are of vital importance for the contemporary world order and the fate of humanity.”

The Chinese leader’s visit to Russia is crucial for both Moscow and Beijing. Experts expected that the meeting would discuss not economic and security issues, but also the topic of the new world order and the crisis in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately told journalists that the talks, which lasted two days between the leaders of Russia and China, were successful in “a warm, friendly, constructive atmosphere.”

He stressed that relations between Moscow and Beijing are “at the highest level of development in history.” Putin stressed that the countries are not only neighbors but also friends, ready for mutual help and support. He noted that he regularly communicates with the chairman of the People’s Republic of China.

The President of the Russian Federation underlined that trade and economic relations are a very important field for the two countries and that last year trade increased by 30 per cent to more than $185 billion. Trade volumes will continue to grow, the Russian President noted.

For their growth, the parties are ready for a gradual transition to payments in national currencies. During the three quarters of 2022, the share of payments in rubles and yuan reached 65%.

Vladimir Putin noted that China had become a leader in the import of Russian oil, and Russia is ready to increase supplies. Moscow is also increasing gas supplies to Beijing. The sides discussed in detail the construction of the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline.

“We talked about it in detail, we have all the agreements with the Mongolian side: it will be 50 billion cubic meters of gas per year,” Putin stressed.

The President stressed that the sides cooperate in the field of peaceful nuclear energy. Russia is involved in the construction of two nuclear units of the Tianwan nuclear power plant and two units of the Xudapu nuclear power plant. Earlier, a program of cooperation in this sphere was signed between Rosatom and the China Atomic Energy Agency.

Putin stressed that Chinese car enterprises successfully work in the Russian market, the countries have common projects in civil aviation and helicopter construction, non-ferrous metallurgy, space exploration, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and other knowledge-intensive fields.

The President especially emphasized the importance of the topic of food security in the relations between the countries. Trade in agricultural products between the countries has increased by 41%.

He also stressed the development of relations in the field of logistics both within and between the countries, the increase in the capacity of border crossings and other border infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin also noted the traditional cooperation of the countries in the spheres of culture, sports and education.

“During the discussion of current international and regional problems we noted with the President of China that the views of Russia and China on most of them coincide or are very close,” said the President of Russia.

Among other things, the sides condemn unfair sanctions imposed by the West and constant attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, Putin added.

Putin made a specifically detailed discussion of the situation in Ukraine. He stressed that the Chinese peace plan is consonant with Russia’s approach and that a peace settlement process can be built on its basis when the West and Kiev are ready for it.

“For now, however, we do not observe such readiness on their part. Moreover, I have just been told that while the President and I were discussing the possibility of implementing the Chinese peace plan, the UK, through its Deputy Defense Minister, announced not only supplies of tanks to Ukraine, but also depleted uranium rounds,” said the Russian President.

“It seems that the West has really decided to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian – not in words, but in deeds. But I would like to note in this connection that if all this happens, Russia will have to react accordingly. I mean that the collective West is already starting to use weapons with a nuclear component,” Putin added.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping also noted that the talks were frank, friendly and productive.

“Sino-Russian ties have gone far beyond bilateral relations and are of vital importance for the contemporary world order and the fate of humanity,” the Chinese leader said.

He noted that the countries’ cooperation is sustainable, complementary and resilient.

Xi Jinping separately noted the countries’ agreement to intensify comprehensive planning at the highest level, increase trade, strengthen the basis for cultural and humanitarian exchanges and friendly relations.

“On the settlement of the situation in Ukraine, we are steadfastly guided by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, we adhere to an objective and impartial position, and we actively promote reconciliation and the restoration of negotiations. Our position is based on the very essence of the issue and the truth. We are always for peace and dialogue, standing firmly on the right side of history,” stressed the leader of China.

At the end of his speech, he said he looked forward to maintaining close contact with President Vladimir Putin.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency