Kurginyan: The SMO has exposed the “splendor and misery” of contemporary society

16.03.2023, Moscow, Russia.

The special military operation in Ukraine has exposed very different faces of contemporary society, its “splendor and misery,” said political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan speaking on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station on March 10.

Precisely because it shook everyone strongly it exposed both very positive faces of our society and their opposite, Kurginyan said.

In his opinion, on the one hand, this is a real social enthusiasm among the people who sincerely want to help the army by any means: they offer great humanitarian aid and even certain innovative technological support.

The society is alive. And it was precisely the special operation that has revealed to what extent it is alive. It has also demonstrated unprecedented, and at the same time reminiscent of earlier examples, heroism of soldiers and officers. It has shown certain examples of really very serious effectiveness of our army in its confrontation with not some Ukrainian state as it was alleged, but actually with the entire Western military-industrial power, the political scientist stressed.

Summarizing this, Kurginyan reminded the words said by Taras Bulba from Nikolay Gogol’s famous novel, There is yet powder in the powder-flasks? The Cossack force is not weakened?”

However, the philosopher added, positive findings are not the whole story. Alongside there are gloomy properties of the contemporary society, sometimes even more gloomy than they could seem at the beginning.

We have encountered certain ideological innovations, and even metaphysical ones. Because not only the head of the Russian Orthodox Church [Patriarch Kirill], but also the president of Russia [Vladimir Putin] and some of his closest associates are speaking a metaphysical language: about the satanic nature of our enemy, about the fact that a war between good and evil is ongoing, and that it is fundamental, Kurginyan stressed.

He noted that among plenty of grief, pain, and bloodshed, we can now see many new things that should supplement our idea of the properties of the contemporary human society, including the one in Russia.

Previously, Kurginyan said that Russia, in order to strategically win in its conflict with the West that has entailed military clashes in Ukraine, must not rely on blind chance and on the confusion and vacillation in our society that follows the “laws of thermodynamics.” We need a new and powerful historical actor, which will be able to manage the large-scale process ongoing in the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency