Germany begins sending old armored vehicles to Moldova

13.01.2023, Kishinyov.

Germany will send 19 old Piranha armored personnel carriers to Moldova free of charge, which will be used allegedly in peacekeeping missions, the head of the Moldovan Defense Ministry Anatoli Nosatii said on January 11 during the procedure of handing over the first vehicles.

He said that the vehicles would be equipped with machine guns in Moldova. According to him, all armored vehicles will arrive in the country by mid-2023.

The military budget of Moldova in 2023 increased by 68%. The republic’s authorities reported that the United States, the European Union and NATO promised to allocate more than €40 million as support for military purposes.

The Transnistrian authorities expressed their concern over Moldova’s drastic militarization course, saying that they see it as a threat to the stability of the Dnestr region.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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