Kurginyan: Bloodshed in Ukraine is the result of the unlawful Belavezhye Accords

05.01.2023, Aleksandrovskoye

The bloodshed that took place after the collapse of the USSR and that is taking place today in Ukraine is the result of the unlawful Belavezhye Accords, and we must say this truth, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in a new issue of the Destiny program published on December 30 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

The political scientist reminded that the supreme authority of the Soviet Union, the Congress of People’s Deputies, adopted a law “On the procedures related to the exit of a republic of the Union from the USSR” on April 3, 1990. The law protected the rights of the Russian population, it banned the privatization of heavy equipment industry created in the Soviet period, and it demanded that referendums should be held in the parts of the republics that would not want to exit the Soviet Union.

According to that law, Transdniestria would not be part of Moldavia, and Ukraine upon its exit would lose not only Donbass and Crimea, but many other territories as well in 1991,” Kurginyan noted.

A legitimate exit of republics of the Union was interrupted by the “unlawful” Belavezhye Accords, the expert believes. Those who organized the Belavezhye betrayal referred to the coup d’etat attempt of August 18-21, 1991 in Moscow led by the State Committee on the State of Emergency (Russian: GKChP), which canceled, as they believed, the entire legislative framework of the Soviet Union.

This Belavezhye betrayal happened absolutely out of nothing. Allegedly, the unlawful GKChP resulted in the Belavezhye Accords – but is there any kind of reason behind this?… Suppose they [the members of the GKChP] were the devil incarnate responsible for a coup d’etat, and then they must be executed. Suppose they were heroes who did something good, and then they must be honored. But what does this have to do with the law of the Soviet state and the Soviet state itself? Why did the GKChP mean that the Soviet law was canceled, and the Congress of the People’s Deputies of the USSR was to be dismissed along with the Supreme Council of the USSR and all the Soviet institutions? Who could have the right to do so? Kurginyan said.

This “absolutely blatant crime” produced, according to the analyst, new states, which never were states before, or which were states ages ago. Also, the Russian-speaking population in these republics, which is called Russian everywhere in the world, was given to the new states as bondslaves, he stressed.

As a result of the Belavezhye betrayal, the former Soviet republics “began to transform in an anti-Russian manner,” or in an anti-Soviet and nationalist manner, Kurginyan believes.

And what about Ukraine? It is a mere chimera. It could only be hyper-nationalistic in order to violently exit and then develop as something absolutely autonomous, i.e. ‘Ukraine is not Russia.’ But what is it if not Russia?” this is how, according to the political scientist, a new state built its identity outside Russia.

As a result of there processes, according to Kurginyan, the rights of the Russians in the new states were unprecedentedly violated, and they were expelled from their lands. “This group became oppressed and unnecessary.”

The moment when the Belavezhye betrayal happened predetermined the bloodshed that is taking place today and that will take place in the future, the political scientist stressed. “If the exits followed the democratically established procedures enshrined by the Helsinki Act, all this would have never happened.

The current Russian elite blames the Soviet system and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin for the conflict in Ukraine, because they gave traditionally Russian lands to Ukraine and they granted it with the right to exit the USSR. Kurginyan indicated that this opinion is in line with the anti-Russian consensus of the Russian elite. The anti-Soviet grounds of the elite prevent the acknowledgment of the fact that it is the unlawful Belavezhye Accords initiated by Boris Yeltsin that caused the bloody conflict in Ukraine that we have today. The leader of the Essence of Time movement urged the Russian elite to tell all the truth about the causes of the bloodshed to the world.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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