Terrorist attacks in France are an orchestrated provocation – expert

30.10.2020, Moscow.

The terrorist attacks in France, the authorities’ response, and their media coverage are a great political manipulation widely supported by the media, historian and political scientist at the French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie said on October 29, the Zvezda TV channel informs.

The expert believes that the terrorist attack in Nice took place because of the provocative policy of the Charlie Hebdo journal that published anti-Islamist caricatures, which should not have been published. The political scientist noted that nothing like that is possible in Russia.

“What is taking place in France today <…> is a downfall of minds; this is an artificially created tension between the Muslims and the Christians. Mr. Macron’s regime is based on this crystallization of fear,” Le Roy Ladurie said, adding that media play a key role in this process as their agenda focuses on the crisis, terrorism, and other negative issues.

He believes that a characteristic feature of President of France Emmanuel Macron’s regime is that the French citizens cannot get a clear idea of what is happening in their country, which causes their negative reaction.

On October 29, a terrorist attack took place in the Notre Dame church in Nice. The criminal attached the clergymen and the believers. Three victims, including a priest, have been reported to date. The French authorities raised the terrorism threat level to maximum.

Previously, another terrorist killed a history and geography teacher in the suburbs of Paris. Over the recent period the teacher taught freedom of expression, and he demonstrated illustrations form the notorious Charlie Hebdo journal.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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