Who benefits from the attacks on the Saudi oil refineries? Yuri Byaly on the “Saudi scenario”

19.09.2019, Moscow.

The terrorist attacks on the Saudi oil refineries came at “a quite opportune time.”

The next round of trade negotiations between the US and China ended to no avail: China, as before, agreed to minor concessions, but didn’t backtrack on the fundamental issues. Enraged, Trump, who really needs foreign policy victories, in view of the presidential election campaign, which is already underway, once again said rude things to his Chinese partners.
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20 years ago, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia established a new criminal world order


It is an attempt to make the whole world “get used to the fact” that in the new American-centered world order, where the US and their satellites are allowed to violate the basic provisions of the UN Charter and the entire international law brazenly and with impunity.
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Byaly: US could have betrayed the Kurds to attract Turkey back towards NATO

21.12.2018, Moscow.

In withdrawing its armed forces from Syria, the United States could implement a number of scenarios. The most probable one is the desire to attract Turkey back to its side in its clash with Russia, Vice-President of the Experimental Creative Center International Public Foundation, Yury Byaly said in his interview to the Rossa Primavera News Agency on December 20.
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“Breakthrough” is the key word in Putin’s Presidential Address

02.03.2018, Moscow.

The key word in the economic part of the President’s speech is the word “breakthrough”, the Vice-president of the Experimental Creative Center (the Kurginyan Center), Yury Byaly said to a Rossa Primavera correspondent on March 1st, commenting on Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly.
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