20 years ago, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia established a new criminal world order


It is an attempt to make the whole world “get used to the fact” that in the new American-centered world order, where the US and their satellites are allowed to violate the basic provisions of the UN Charter and the entire international law brazenly and with impunity.
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Double standards: The art of interpretations


Creating statements that can be interpreted in different ways is one of the main know-hows of postmodernists, who develop the conceptual warfare.


What happened in Ukraine was an anti-constitutional and anti-democratic coup, orchestrated from without, audaciously and actively supported by the West in general and the USA in particular. And if this riot is to be called a “revolution” then this is a “revolution of a banana republic”, that is to say, a coup that a colonizer organizes on the controlled territory which lacks actual sovereignty.

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