Militants in Yerevan surrender to authorities, hostages freed

01.08.2016, Yerevan.

The anti-terrorist operation aimed at clearing the territory of the police station in Yerevan from militants is over. All members of the armed “Sasna Tsrer” group that captured the building surrendered to the authorities. 20 people are detained, the territory of the police station is free to of militants, “Interfax” news agency reports citing the National Security Service of Armenia.

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Militants in Armenian capital continue to kill policemen

30.07.2016, Yerevan.

A policeman was killed by sniper fire from the territory of the police station captured by armed militants on July 17, the press-secretary of Armenian police Ashot Agarunyan stated on July 30 on his Facebook page.
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Police forces protesters off the avenue in central Yerevan

12.09.2015, Yerevan.

Yerevan police has once again dispersed the protesters on the traffic lane of Baghramyan avenue in the center of the city after some of the protesters refused to comply with the demands of the police, RIA Novosti reports.

Currently the traffic lane of the avenue is cleared of the mutineers, the traffic is restored. Those who refused to comply with the demands of the police are brought to the police station. No riot control devices or weapons were used.

Yerevan has become yet another “maidan” type protests site several months ago. The protests have stopped since then, until reappearing in the past days.


Source: RIA Novosti