“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass. The Becoming. Feldsher


A month after the “Essence of Time” mission in Donbass was established, it was decided to form a combat group. I remember how the commander of the mission Volga, who became commander of the establishing unit, demanded us to think carefully before becoming soldiers. The times were uneasy, the frontline was moving closer to Donetsk day by day, and the threat of fighting in the city itself had emerged.

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“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass. The Becoming. Lom


A month passed after we had started our training in the “Vostok” battalion. We, the newcomers, got accustomed to militia life. Kitchen details and daily material handling didn’t seem something incredibly titanic for us anymore. Newly-fledged soldiers were tired of doing the dishes and move boxes from place to place. Everyone wanted to take up arms

We tormented our commanders with the question: “When?!”

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