Who are the Tea Party, what is Mr. Pence, and why has Trump been sucking up to Russia?


Editor’s note: This is an article written by one of our comrades and may not represent the official position of EoT.


In “Trump and the Right to Oxygen”, we discussed that Donald Trump won the American presidency, to a great degree, because he was able to channel the social energy of a shrinking small town and rural majority which has long been expressing the sentiment that an establishment which does not represent them has been robbing them of their country, undermining their values, and killing the American dream. We also noted that the social energy that a candidate mobilizes to win an election does little to predict how he will behave once in office. What is much more important in this situation is to determine the nature of the candidate’s elite base.

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Russian Defense Ministry: Terrorist international in Syria is controlled by United States

29.09.2016, Moscow.

Syrian opposition is a terrorist international controlled by the USA, state the spokesperson of Russia’s Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, Interfax reports on September 29.

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DPR authorities: Ukraine dropping non-aligned status a step towards a world war

26.09.2015, Donetsk.

Donetsk People’s Republic authorities object to the perspectives of Ukraine joining NATO.

DPR Parliament Speaker Denis Pushilin: “We consider it unacceptable that Ukraine’s territory becomes a foothold for preparation of war against the Russian Federation. Ukraine’s non-aligned status is a guarantee that the balance of powers will exist in order to prevent World War III.

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