Political scientist: The grand historical scale of Lenin’s personality is unique

31.03.2020, Moscow.

The greatness of the historical scale of Lenin’s personality does not allow us to put him on the same level with other major historical figures because of his uniqueness. Doctor of Political Science Vladimir Pavlenko stated this during an interview with a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent.

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Russian investigative committee examines dossiers of Latvian SS Legionnaires for implication in genocide

18.03.2020, Moscow.

Investigators will study the personal data of  Latvian SS Legion veterans, and they will check these people for involvement in crimes against peaceful Soviet citizens, said the official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee (IC) Svetlana Petrenko on March 17, RIA Novosti reports.

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Russian Orthodox Church: The Sacred War song becomes unofficial hymn of Russia

23.02.2020, Moscow.

The Sacred War song encourages Russians to stand up as if an official hymn plays, First Deputy Chief of the Synodal department for Church’s relations with society and mass media of the Moscow Patriarchate Alexander Chipkov said on February 23 during an interview to RIA Novosti.

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Zakharova: Poland’s war against memorials causes immense damage to Russian-Polish relations

12.02.2020, Moscow.

The toppling of the memorial to the Red Army servicemen in the Polish city of Leszno is another act of the shameful war against the Soviet monuments, the Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on February 12.
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The West blackens the Victory because it fears USSR revival – Demurin

05.02.2020, Moscow.

The historical and political fraud regarding the USSR’s role in World War Two promotes the idea that the Soviet project was a crime. The West and the Russian domestic pro-Western forces are feared that the fair Soviet project can be revived, political observer Mikhail Demurin said at a roundtable discussion in the REGNUM News Agency “Who Rewrites World War Tow History and How” on February 5, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency reports.
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Russia’s permanent representative to the UN reminds the world of the “eternal battle” with Nazism

29.01.2020, Geneve.

The most important task for the world community is to never again allow crimes like the Holocaust to happen, Russian permanent representative to the UN Gennady Gatilov said during his speech at the Palace of Nations at the official ceremony dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp on January 27.
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Kurginyan: The construct built around Bandera destroys Ukraine as a nation and a state

28.01.2020, Moscow.

The state and the nation of Ukraine will fall apart if it continues to form and develop around a construct, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on January 26 on the air of the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on the Russia One channel.
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