Putin claims that the unrest in Kazakhstan has not been a spontaneous action

10.01.2021, Moscow.

The threat to Kazakhstan’s statehood arose not because of spontaneous protests, but because of the use of the tense situation in the country by internal and external destructive forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an extraordinary session of the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) on January 10, REGNUM news agency reported.

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Kurginyan: Compulsory vaccination is being pushed in spite of the President

08.12.2021, Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated many times that vaccination should be voluntary, but the bureaucracy, the system, is doing everything to make it compulsory instead of following his directive, said philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on December 4 in the article named You Can’t Fight Fire with Kerosene, published in Essence of Time newspaper.

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Kurginyan explains danger of ultra-vaccinator initiatives by Russian authorities

23.11.2021, Moscow.

Disturbing initiatives in vaccination promotion, which fly in the face of the directives by Russian President Vladimir Putin, are taking place, said political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on November 14 in his original broadcast “The Meaning of the Game.”

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Expert assesses the reaction of Russian MPs to the provocation of US congressmen

22.11.2021, Moscow.

Igor Semenovsky, a political scientist, doctor in law, and senior law professor at the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, said to Rossa Primavera News Agency on November 21 that the US congressmen’s initiative not to recognize the 2024 presidential election if Vladimir Putin takes part in it and wins, is a logical means of pressure on Russia.

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Putin: USA creates chaos and destabilization, which the whole world will clean up

09.09.2021, Moscow.

The USA is irresponsibly trying to impose alien values on other countries; if the experiment fails, it withdraws from the country, and the international community has to deal with the resulting chaos and destabilization, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a speech at the BRICS summit, the Kremlin press service reported on September 9.

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