Coronavirus – its goals, authors, and masters. Part II

(Links to previous Chapters are available here: Part I)

June 5, 2020.

The idea of mass compulsory isolation was first proposed 15 years ago by George W. Bush’s administration. The aim was not to protect people’s health, but to militarize society in the event of a biological attack and to initiate continuity of government, which would sideline all existing US official authorities.

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Expert: Americans and their allies have buried control of the biological warfare

08.07.2020, Moscow.

The United States and Great Britain refused to sign the final protocol regarding biological warfare control measures back in 2001, microbiologist, expert on chemical and biological weapons and former member of the UN Commission on Biological Weapons Igor Nikulin said in an interview with a Rossa Primavera News Agency’s correspondent on July 7.

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