American political scientist: Russia-US conflict leads to nuclear war

08.04.2018, Moscow.

With the departure of the generation that fought in the Second World War, the probability of a nuclear war became higher, a US political analyst Ariel Cohen said on April 8 in Sunday Evening with Vladimir Soloviev program on Russia-1 TV channel. “The path of escalation between the two nuclear powers may logically lead, firstly, to a limited nuclear exchange, in which several hundred thousand of people can be killed, and then to a massive nuclear strike. And then to a nuclear retaliation,” Cohen said. Continue reading

CSIS: Putin’s unwillingness to capitulate complicates improvement of Russian-Western relations

16.03.2018, Washington.

The Director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Olga Oliker, admitted that a criterion for Western countries in their improving relations with Russia is Russia’s readiness to “admit fault and be down on its knees” at a meeting entitled “Six More Years of Putin?” on March 14, a Rossa Primavera information agency correspondent reports. Continue reading