Syria calls on UN to prevent targeting of civilians by the US-led coalition

27.12.2017, USA.

On December 27, the Syrian government requested the UN Secretary General and the Security Council in a message regarding deals and coordination of actions between the international coalition forces led by the United States and the terrorist group Islamic State (an organization banned in Russia), TASS reports. Contine reading

Media: UN official finds no freedom of speech in Ukraine

23.12.2017, USA.

Kiev’s bans of television channels broadcasting in Russian violate the international human rights law on access to information, the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye said in an interview on December 22, RIA Novosti reports. Contine reading

Media: Russians must not be included in the UN peacekeeping force in Donbass

27.11.2017, USA.

The US administration’s position is to not include Russian citizens in the UN peacekeeping mission, in case such a mission will be deployed in eastern Ukraine The Washington Post’s online version stated on November 26, citing Kurt Volker, the US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, TASS reports. Contine reading