Crimes perpetrated by Ukrainian soldiers on the rise in Kiev-controlled Donetsk territory

29.10.2018, Donetsk.

The incidence of marauding and other crimes perpetrated by Ukrainian soldiers is on the rise on territory under Ukrainian Armed Forces control, said the Press Secretary of the Donetsk People Republic Army, Daniil Bezsonov,  the Donetsk News Agency reports on October 28.
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Drug intoxicated fighter of the Ukrainian army shot fellow combatants

12.06.2017, LPR.

A Ukrainian soldier being under the influence of hard drugs opened fire on his comrades-in-arms. The Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko, a spokesman of the Lugansk People’s Militia, informed journalists about the incident, the Lugansk Media Center reported on June 12.

The officer said that on June 10, in the village of Popasnaya, a serviceman of the third battalion of the 24th Brigade of the Ukrainian army shot his comrades-in-arms with an assault rifle after abusing narcotics.  The Lieutenant-Colonel reported further that one soldier died on the spot due to the lethal wounds he received, a second serviceman was hospitalized.
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